Boys & Girls Hostel

HES Boy's Hostel

The boys’ hostel consists of a three storey accommodation secured by a round-the-clock security system manned by professional guards and looked after ably by a team of wardens and attendants. Similar to the girls’ hostel the boys are housed in 6 large dormitories with attached washrooms and storerooms. The dining hall is on the ground floor. All modern facilities that facilitate good living are provided. Supervised after school studies is monitored by the hostel wardens. Residents are encouraged to pray daily. Discipline is the cornerstone of hostel life and an equal emphasis is placed upon physical development.



HES Girl's Hostel

The girls’ hostel is housed in a separate three-storey building. The hostel has 6 large dormitories with attached washrooms and storerooms,and 4 halls. Wholesome and nutritious meals, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, four times a day are provided to residents. Daily after school hours studies in the hostel prep halls are supervised by school teachers. Desert coolers and hot water is provided as the season demands. The wardens and the matrons ensure that girl hostelers enjoy a homely and secure environment.