About us

The Hamdard Education Society is the culmination of the efforts of a great visionary, Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed Saheb. It was born out of concern at the turbulence through which Indian society was passing during the post-partition days, and reflects the deep concern and the pain Janab Hakeem Saheb felt seeing the condition of the community.

The Hamdard Education Society (HES) was registered as a society on 12 Feb. 1981. Its office was initially located in the Hamdard Nagar campus. At that time it ran the Hamdard Primary School that was located in the Hamdard Nagar campus. The founding father of HES foresaw the need for an educational institution that would cater to the growing needs of the Muslims, and other backward and deprived sections of the society. He dreamt of institutions that would spread enlightenment among the people and give them an opportunity to take part in rebuilding the nation. The first building to come up at Talimabad was the Hamdard Education Society building that was started on 1 March 1990 and completed on 28 Feb. 1991. The construction of official residences was initiated simultaneously and also completed at the same time. The Hamdard Public School at Talimabad started under the stewardship of Col. Grant. The Girls’ hostel was completed on 30 Oct. 1993 and started with 8 students. The boys’ hostel started functioning in the latter half of 1995.

Since then various extensions and facilities have been added to Talimabad. The current residential accommodation was completed in December 1993. The school auditorium came up in October, 1996, and the swimming pool was commissioned in June 1998. In December 1996 the Class IV staff quarters were completed along with another block for the teaching and administrative staff.

The Rabea Girls Public School, located at Lal Kuan, was established in 1973, and its assets and liabilities transferred to the HES on 21 July, 1983.

Hamdard Study Circle, the combined vision of Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed Saheb and Janab Syed Hamid Saheb, and the flagship of HES, started functioning in 1991. From the initial batch 4 candidates made it to the Civil Services. Since then HSC has covered a great distance; 2014-15 and 2015-16 saw 66 HSC candidates enter the Civil Services. Till date 411 HSC candidates have entered the civil services.

Hamdard Coaching Centre started functioning from 1999 with the objective of preparing students for admission into national and state level medical and engineering courses. 473 students have till date gained admission.

To enhance health and well being of students HES started its Health Centre in 2000. We have two nurses and an assistant round-the-clock to monitor health issues.